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Persona 4, Persona 4 Items, Lists of Items and Equipment. The following is a list of items appearing in Persona 4 . Expendables Edit. Restores 20 HP to an ally. Restores 50 HP to an ally. Shiroku Store (4/11) Restores 100 HP to an ally. Shiroku Store (5/18) Randomly found in the Men's Bathroom. Restores 100 HP to an ally. It may cause the Rage ...

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Aug 02, 2013 · Mayumi Yamano 4/11; Saki Konishi 4/13... Yosuke wonders about these dates, and Chie adds the dates that the bodies were found. Yamano on the 12th, and Konishi on the 15th. If you're paying attention -- or you've played before -- you'd know that these are the dates that these people were shown on TV. Choose, "The day she was on TV."

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Mitsuru Kirijo - Oichi, Ranmaru Mori (Samurai Warriors 3) - (Wang Yuanji - Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8) Fuuka Yamagishi - Daqiao - (Dynasty Warriors 4 to 8) - Xiaoqiao - (Dynasty Warriors 4 and 5) - Zhenji - (Dynasty Warriors 6 to 8) - (Xingcai - Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8) - Oichi - (Samurai Warriors) - Ina - (Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends)

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4/11 After inputting the Protagonist's name, watch the introduction scenes, and ... The Acquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu sidequest is available now. 5/2 During the Lecture in class, you'll gain a boost to your Knowledge. ... If you've played Persona 3, then you know this boss, and are predisposed to hate it. And yes, you'll hate it here, too.

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Nov 20, 2014 · Home » Tips » Panduan Fusion Persona 4 Panduan Fusion Persona 4. By Zitsiel November 20, 2014 No comments. ... QUEST 05 : ACQUIRE MORI RANMARU SHOCHU. Dapatkan Mori Ranmaru yang diinginkan dengan bicara ke Yosuke di Midnight Channel. Masuk ke dalam toko sake dan ambil item di salah satu meja.

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Persona 4 Back to » ... Examine the liquor barrels there to find the Mori Ranmaru for the man. I Wish for Love. Available: Anytime after the requirement is met Requirement: Hermit Social Link at Rank 1 Reward: Hermit Social Link Rank Up Go to the Shrine to start this quest. Next, talk to the girl by the shoe lockers.

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Persona 4 Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011. May 5/1. ... The Acquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu sidequest is available now. 5/2. During the Lecture in class, you'll gain a boost to your Knowledge. After school, study with Yosuke or Chie to raise your Knowledge and Social Link.

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Ranmaru's appeal in his design is that his sword should look longer and bigger than his body. To make this visual clearer to the audience, they envisioned Ranmaru as having a line drawn across the back of his body. His body shape was slimmed down to make an attractive silhouette for this concept. The result made him look effeminate, younger, and \"cuter\" than some developers originally planned. His second design kept these concep…

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Skill Level Element Cost Primal Force - Physical 22%HP Power Charge - Physical 15SP Matarukaja - N/A 12SP Apt Pupil 82 N/A Passive Null Dizzy

Mori Ranmaru Persona 4

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Acquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu: Man: Samegawa Flood Plain: 05/01: 4,000 yen: Found inside Twisted Shopping District (Yosuke's dungeon) by searching the table in the center of the room. 04: Acquire an Angel Statue: Timid Female Student: Classroom 2-2: 05/02: Chest Key x3: Drop from Avenger Knight (Yukiko's Castle 6-7F). 05: Acquire a Demon Statue ...

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Persona 4 is an extremely deep and involving game that offers many deviations from the main quest, one of which are the various requests you can fulfill for people. In this guide I'm going to try and detail each quest (there are 50 in all) and let you know exactly what you need to do in order to complete all of them.

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He then tells you that your persona -- Izanagi or any other subsequent personas -- are merely a side of you that is revealed when you face the world around you. He calls it “a facade of determination you wear to face various difficulties in life.” However, your persona, the Fool, is the wildcard of the bunch and, as such, has special abilities.

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Jun 11, 2013 · Bring him the legendary Mori Ranmaru shochu. ォ Starting 5/1 サ ラ N/A ラ 、 Talk to Yosuke inside the TV to head into the liquor store and search the center of the junk.

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Ranmaru was the third son of Mori Yoshinari and was born at Kanayama castle in Mino. In his youth he became a favored page of Oda Nobunaga , who was impressed by the boy's bearing and intelligence. While named the lord of Iwamura castle in Mino in 1582 , he was at the side of Oda Nobunaga when the latter was attacked by Akechi troops at Honnoji ...

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Probably because of all the deaths of the previous Mori bros, the youngest of Ranmaru's brothers, Mori Tadamasa (1570-1634), crossed over and joined the victors of the day, the most powerful pensioner in the world, Tokugawa Ieyasu-- and his son Shogun Tokugawa Hidetada-- after Oda Nobunaga was no more. It was a wise choice to some.

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Feb 14, 2013 · Acquire a High-Speed Gear is the 50th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. It first becomes available on October 12th. This quest is requested by the female student in Classroom Building 1F of the Yasogami High School.Bring her a High-Speed Gear.

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Sep 10, 2017 · Samurai Warriors 4 Chronicle Mode events - Ranmaru Mori ... Persona 5 The Royal ... Xtreme Legends (JPN) - Ranmaru Mori All Story CG Cutscenes English Subs [HD] - Duration: ...

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55 images of the Samurai Warriors 4 cast of characters. Photos of the Samurai Warriors 4 (Game) voice actors.

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Mori Ranmaru - Glittering Star of Turbulent Times. Birthday: June 27th. Height: 169.9cm. Blood type: AB. Interests: Ninjitsu training. Special skill: Crocodile tears. Favourite food: Peaches. Nobunaga’s loveable page that has an idol-like existence. He’s aware of his own charm and slyly scatters his cuteness.

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Do you know about the Mori Ranmaru? Years ago, I was the manager of the Konishi Liquor Store, right here in this town's very shopping district. But, I kind of lost the will to do business and I …

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